What we do

Our goal is to help people communicate effectively, think logically, express their views, and make decisions. It can be challenging to pinpoint the root of a situation when there are tensions within the organization, teams are underperforming, and there are misunderstandings or even conflicts. SpeakSmart's professional team helps companies identify the cause of the issue and find a suitable solution to get teams working together smoothly again.

Our clients

We have trained more than 20,000 people during our eighteen years of operation, and our clients include top players in their fields.

Why it's necessary

Developing communication skills helps increase work efficiency by speeding up the decision-making process. 

Reasoned discussions lead to well-considered decisions with a more lasting impact. They also reduce the number of conflicts and misunderstandings, which in turn improves teamwork and reduces workload for employees and managers alike.

20,000+ clients in 18 years

Our net promoter index is 89% and customer feedback 4.87/5

We have designed and moderated over 185 meetings