Private Companies

SpeakSmart trainers are excellent listeners and communicators, who know how to guide and inspire your learning. Their extensive, knowledge and long-term experience, grounded in competitive debate, makes them unquestionable experts of their area.
Erik Pallase, Clinic32

Both SpeakSmart training itself as well as the communication leading up to it and following it has been very pleasant and professional. It is a joy to experience, how responsible the company is about it’s service quality, making sure, that every aspect is enjoyable for the client.
Mariann Nõlvak, Tartu Biotechnology Park
Although lawyers are usually accustomed to performing in public, we can always improve. In 2012, SpeakSmart’s two-day training session was led by the excellent trainer Andero Uusberg. He drew attention to various nuances that you might not notice when speaking in public or preparing your presentation. My colleagues who participated in the training gave only positive feedback.
Hannes Vallikivi, Attorney at Law, partner at Deling Primus (Former Targ Grunte Sutkiene)
We were looking for a training for our entire staff, something that would be practical and would involve everyone. Our expectation was, that our employees would receive tools to use in performing their daily tasks. This expectation was completely fulfilled. We spent an engaging day learning about argument as a thinking model and in the afternoon had a game of argumentation to test everything we had learned. Since ours’ is a large company, we had three trainers working with us. We were very happy with all of them. They were professional, yet creating an open and lively learning environment. Preparatory work for the training was extensive and our needs were taken into account on every step. We also received a useful summary of the argumentation game. The post training work was as high-level as the rest of the service. We are grateful for a memorable training experience!
Sandra Lindermann, BDO Accounting and Consulting
This exceeded all my expectations! I mean every word I say. I did not expect to encounter training of such a high level in Estonia.
Illimar Paul, Convenor of the Annual Äripäev Purchasing Management Conference
My expectations of the training were not high because other trainings I have participated in recently have not been great. I was most positively surprised that in case of SpeakSmart, both the training proposal as well as the training itself were exceptionally good. I would even go as far as to say that the actual training exceeded the description in the proposal. They are positive and well argumented people, who want to make the world a better place!
Private Sector Client of "Argumentation and persuasion" training

Public Sector

Everything from the prepared three meetings to the actual training was in my opinion very well conducted. The Proposal was very detailed comma the duties and expectations of parties were clearly set out. Before the training our trainer prosper participated in word in the topic for our meeting and was very proactive about it. Quick and responsive service and very clear communication created a hundred percent Trust. The trainers were flexible and adapted well to the circumstances such as use of the room at cetera. I very much enjoy when the trainer's not only talk but also Walk The Talk. The training was very balanced between the theoretical part of sufficient length providing adequate input for the Practical part that was to follow. The structure of the training enabled the participants to identify patterns in their work where they are not as efficient as possible and offered new approaches grounded in actual working examples.
Public Sector Client of Business Debate session
We conducted a speech and voice training session. We found excellent partners in SpeakSmart! Both the trainers are experts in their field. The training sessions were comprehensive, thorough, interesting and emotional. The participants learnt practical skills and tips to use in their everyday work! The participants gave very good feedback about the training and we will definitely continue cooperating with SpeakSmart in the future!
Marianne Tiigimaa, Human Resources Manager, the Prosecutor’s Office.
Before sending the training proposal, SpeakSmart had a meeting with us to assess our training needs. Because of this, their training precisely addressed the specific needs of our department. Our participants experienced a well-conducted training, but it were the skills of the trainer that impressed us most. Not only was he truly professional in his own field of argumentation but his skills of transferring knowledge were equally great. Talking later on to my colleague who had participated in the training, I had the impression that everyone received good practical skills that they plan to implement daily in their professional work.
Reelika Luhtaru, Ministry of Education and Research
Me and my colleagues are a difficult group to work with, since we have received a substantial amount of training in the past. Our SpeakSmart trainer, however, did an excellent job. I am very satisfied with everything, from the initial contact to conducting the training. I feel totally confident to recommend you to my  colleagues in other counties.
Pille Sööt, Director of Ida-Viru Development Center

Non-Governmental Organisations

Huge thank you to Lauri and the whole SpeakSmart team for facilitating the training! It was easily the best tailored training experience I've had in years.
Andrei, Mondo