The SpeakSmart team is always very professional and diligent, taking into account the client's wishes and learning needs.
Kaia Laineste

We see the impact in particular in people in the team being more confident and independent in resolving customer concerns, which in turn builds trust and a sense of being in safe hands and not having to worry. Our managers are therefore less burdened and don't need to intervene as often in more complex cases, because the customer service representative can get in touch with the customer and reach a solution more quickly.
Helen Küngas

SpeakSmart approach is thoughtful, professional and holistic, and tailored for the client's needs. The working relationship can be characterised as two-way partnership, where the key words are trust and goal/solution orientation.

SpeakSmart is the most professional player in the field of argumentation skills training. The whole team is thorough and flexible in its activities. This thoroughness is reflected in the collection of information in a number of ways about our needs prior to the training, as well as in a number of follow-up activities after the training. The trainer is to be commended for his ability to ask the right questions in the process so that we can get the focus of the training accurate and appropriate to our needs.

We were looking for a training for our entire staff, something that would be practical and would involve everyone. Our expectation was, that our employees would receive tools to use in performing their daily tasks. This expectation was completely fulfilled. We spent an engaging day learning about argument as a thinking model and in the afternoon had a game of argumentation to test everything we had learned. Since ours’ is a large company, we had three trainers working with us. We were very happy with all of them. They were professional, yet creating an open and lively learning environment. Preparatory work for the training was extensive and our needs were taken into account on every step. We also received a useful summary of the argumentation game. The post training work was as high-level as the rest of the service. We are grateful for a memorable training experience!

Sandra Lindermann


In addition to giving a good insight into the rational and not so rational side of human beings, the argumentation training is also a great team event to agree on how to organise your daily meetings better and more effectively and what to keep in mind when interacting with each other. The training is made up of two somewhat different topics, both of which are very important in a day-to-day working situation. The first part is about the fact that human beings are actually much less rational than we often assume. The second part is about how to be rational and how to get other people to think and reason more rationally.
Kadri Lainas

Our one of our favourite partners! I have every reason to be satisfied. All communication from the beginning to the post-production has been very detailed and professional. It is great to work with such good and knowledgeable people.
Merilyn Rannat
Sometimes, when you first meet a trainer, you realise it's the right thing to do. This was the case with SpeakSmart. There was an immediate sense that they were professionals. They immediately understand your wishes and build the agenda as needed. And they make it happen. The way you need it.
Toomas Väät

As there is a lot of work to be done, a lot of communication and questions came from SpeakSmart and I even felt bad that you had to contribute so much yourself :) But the communication was always relevant, meaningful, supportive and friendly. The trainer was also accommodating in terms of the times and the remote location of the training, and was willing to make the 160 km journey in the early hours of the morning and then train. It is always wonderful when a training company wants feedback on the training that has taken place, and also takes an interest in the impact of the training afterwards.
Marit Kuusk

100% focus on understanding the client's needs and a well-prepared argumentation on the agreed topic. The trainer worked through a very large amount of material in a very short time, made good connections and used them skilfully to guide the discussion. The whole cooperation was very professional and fast. I liked the video training beforehand, which allowed to focus on practical exercises during the training day.

In cooperation, we conducted speech and voice training for prosecutors. We found excellent partners in SpeakSmart and in the trainers Andero Uusberg and Anne Türnpu! The trainers are both experts in their field. The training days were meaningful, thorough, interesting and emotional. The participants gained practical skills and many tips for their daily work! The feedback from the participants was very positive and we will definitely continue to work together!
Marianne Tiigimaa

Before the proposal was sent, we met and sepcified our training needs. This probably contributed to the offer as the training was very well targeted to the needs of our department. It's good to see that the training is being done for the trainees, rather than the trainer being "just another day at the office". The trainer was not only a professional in his field, but was also able to convey his knowledge very well. Talking to colleagues who attended the training afterwards, it seemed that everyone had picked up some good tips that they were going to use more and that were worth remembering.
Reelika Luhtaru

The trainer was professional and able to take into account the different natures in the group. Also was able to bring examples from our field of work during the training thanks to good communication with the organiser, both before and after the training. It is clear that SpeakSmart cares about its client as well as its employee, by doing enough preparation, asking for feedback, giving suggestions for the future, etc.
Liina Rajaveer

The preparation was good. We did not give an accurate number of participants. You are able to react flexibly. We have never received feedback in summary before. Sending a video to familiarise with the topic is very good for pre-tuning. Kai was very good at following the audience and adapting the topics. A knowledgeable trainer-judge continued for each debate group. The feedback that was given was both personal and general. It was good to observe how quickly they summarised the main theme of the debate from the arguments on both sides. The ability to guide participants to think about the bigger picture and the benefits that should be kept in mind when discussing the topic was impressive.
Mare Räis

The choice of the service was made thanks to my own previous experience in training as a participant. I was very satisfied and wanted to have the same service for our seminar. The trainer is very professional, preparatory correspondence and feedback framed the whole process very well. I am very satisfied and recommend SpeakSmart trainings in the future.
Airi Park

We asked SpeakSmart to help us prepare presentations for a recent competition to find new solutions to societal problems. The jury of the solutions competition was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the presentations. SpeakSmart did a great job of preparation and provided us with a comprehensive video training, which had a direct impact on the teams' pitches. Thanks a lot!
Laura Kalda