Margo is one of the most experienced trainers of thinking, speaking and debating skills in Estonia. Since 1998, he has moderated discussions at seminars and conferences, and trained adults on persuasion, discussion and decision-making skills that are based on argumentation. Since 2019, his experience has been expanded by conducting various e-learning trainings and teaching the knowledge to others (trainers) and by promoting e-learning in general in different organisations. 

He has extensive experience of working with private and public sector leaders and teams, including managers and executives in communication skills, drafting and mapping sales messages, meeting management, written communication and presentation skills.

Margo has advised on the start-up and development of a number of foreign debate programmes and has worked as a trainer at international level.

In addition to  working as a trainer, Margo is co-founder and technology evangelist of the IT company CitizenOS , co-founder and consultant of the company Õpidisain and co-founder of learning platform Cerebrum Hub.

Margo has worked as a lawyer, 6 years as a portfolio manager at the Heateo Foundation, 4 years as the head of the Estonian Debate Society, leading the society to one of the largest NGOs in Estonia, and 3 years as the head of the Estonian Association of Debate Societies.

I wasn't bored once all day. The trainer was clearly a professional in his field and an excellent trainer. Not only that, but he was a pleasant person with a good sense of humour. I would definitely go to any of the trainings he conducts again.
The trainer himself was able to conduct the training exactly as he taught us to lead the discussion. He was upbeat, engaging, positive and appreciative. Made it very easy to understand even for a layman.
Margo is a very good trainer. He treated everyone with dignity, very ethical. His guidance was clear, understandable. Listening to him, I never once had the feeling that I don't want to do more, I can't do it. He was able to bring out the positive in everyone and even such necessary corrective feedback was very pleasantly conveyed in the feedback.