"Experiences from different sectors have proven quite convincingly that critical thinking and argumentative communication are universal and welcomed companions in all professional situations," says Age, summing up his personal experience of developing argumentative skills.

Age holds a Master's degree in Comparative Politics from the University of Tartu and has previously worked at the Domus Dorpatensis Foundation for Science and Culture as the head of the Youth Leadership Programme, the Ministry of Education and Research and the Education and Youth Board as a chief expert. On a day-to-day basis, Age works as a consultant at Haap Consulting, where she is mainly involved in research and analysis. Age started her training journey by teaching argumenation skills, but has also taught an elective in political science at secondary school and supervised seminars at the University of Tartu.

I praise the flexible approach to meet the client's expectations. The participants were very satisfied with the trainer's presentation and knowledge of the subject.
I have always found it difficult to organise my thoughts and communicate them to others. I really liked the logical way in which the topic was dealt with and presented. Age gave an honestand friendly feedback, which will definitely encourage more discussion and sharing of ideas.
Truly a good trainer! Training was interestingly conducted, interactive on the spot, the theoretical part was sent before, which also was very good. Participants received good feedback. The exercises were engaging and the time flew by.
A. Toomla is an excellent trainer, who knows how to keep the focus, engage the participants and provide good feedback on an ongoing basis. Her messages are clear and communication style is friendly and positive.
A sympathetic and knowledgeable trainer with an exceptionally clear way of speaking. Thank you, Age!